David Irving talk disrupted on NW side

Updated: A speech by Holocaust denier David Irving at the Edelweiss restaurant, 7650 W Irving Park, was disrupted and shut down by antifascists Monday night. Our rumors have it that 5-7 black-clad thugs stormed into the restaurant, throwing chairs and aggressively engaging the crowd of mostly elderly men. Irving was moved to safety, and some damage was done to the restaurant.

Several individuals were arrested shortly afterward. Everyone's outta jail with disorderly conduct charges.


Anonymous said...

Nevermind the trolls -

A number of people busted into the restaurant, chairs took flight, so did Irving's merchandise, a lot of pushing and shoving, and then they were gone. Later, a bunch of squad cars were seen in the area pulling over a car that, it seemed, they suspected to be connected to the incident.

Anonymous said...

It seems David Irving is pointing people to this post through his website fpp.co.uk

This is at least the second time Edelweiss has hosted David Irving's speaking event. They were also clearly tipped off as to how controversial his speech was (as if the posters of Hitler being sold wasn't enough of an indication)

You can let Edelweiss know you feel about them hosting nazi-sympathizing holocaust deniers:
Edelweiss at 7650 w Irving Park Rd / Norridge, IL
Call them up at 708 452 6040

The five people arrested were released the next morning on disorderly conduct charges

Solidarity means attack!

Criminal Anarchy said...

i guess in an act of solidarity with those suppressing nazi free speech, i deleted all the irving supporter comments.

all power to the communes.

Anonymous said...

Haha - nice job Chicago antifa! Sorry to hear about the arrests - totally sucks. Let us know if the ARA Network can help out in any way.

Solidarity from NYC!