Thieves target cops' credit union accounts

At least 50 members of the Chicago Patrolmen's Credit Union have been targets of thieves who have used their debit card numbers, authorities said Tuesday.

Investigators suspect the thieves are stealing the card numbers when the cards are used to make online payments. Police don't think credit union employees are involved in the thefts. About 12 financial institutions, including the credit union, have been hit.

Investigators suspect the debit card numbers are being sold. Thieves use the numbers to electronically manipulate gift cards to purchase items and steal money from the victims' credit union accounts. Thieves have used the manipulated gift cards to purchase items worth a few hundred dollars to about $1,000, officials said.

Suspects in Rockford, Lansing and Crestwood have been arrested using the gift cards. Police are trying to identify who stole the debit card numbers. The retailers will suffer the losses from the scheme, authorities said.

from the Sun-Times

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