Bank robbers caught after daring chase

A Calumet City police officer was shot during a nearly three-hour police pursuit of three suspected bank robbers after the men crashed their vehicle on the Bishop Ford Freeway during a police chase and fled the scene.

The incident also sparked a lockdown of Carver Military Academy, 13100 S. Doty Ave. from 2:25 p.m. until about 5:45 p.m. as a precaution to students as authorities searched for the suspects.

As of 5:45 p.m., all three men were in police custody, according to Calumet City police Chief Edward Gilmore.

The incident began after the three alleged suspects robbed the Citibank at the River Oaks Mall in Calumet City at gunpoint about 2:15 p.m., according to Illinois State Police Sgt. Juan Valenzuela, who said it appeared the suspects involved in the robbery were in pursuit by Calumet City police when their vehicle crashed on the Bishop Ford near 130th Street near the Beaubien Woods Forest Preserve.

As the police chase ensued, the men blew a tire on their car and attempted to flee, according to Gilmore. At about 131st Street and the Bishop Ford, the men abandoned their car and attempted to flee.

The men fired shots at police and an officer was shot in the leg. The police officer was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, authorities said. The officer suffered a through-and-through gunshot wound to the leg and was said to be in "stable" condition Tuesday evening, Gilmore said.

One of the suspects was shot by police while fleeing the scene. The man ran into the woods along with another suspect behind the Carver Military School but surrendered to police and emerged from the woods about 3:35 p.m. near 135th Street and the Beaubian Woods Forest Preserve, Gilmore said.

The man had a gunshot wound to the arm and was taken by Chicago Fire Dept. personnel to Roseland Community Hospital in "stable" condition, Fire Media Affairs spokesman Will Knight said.

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Man smashes Mag Mile windows

A 61-year-old Near North Side man has been charged for allegedly breaking the window of a Magnificent Mile business and throwing a table through a Gold Coast restaurant window Tuesday night.

Robert Grilly, 61, of the 400 block of East Ohio Street, was charged with two counts of misdemeanor criminal damage to property, police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak said.

Police responded at 11:30 p.m. to a report of a man who broke the window at the Apple Store at 679 N. Michigan Ave., according to Kubiak.

After that Grilly also allegedly threw a table through a window at Rosebud restaurant at 720 N. Rush St., Kubiak said.

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ADF Suing Bash Back! and Jesse Does

The work of devoted Bash Back!ers and allies determined that this morning’s hysteria is the result of the Alliance Defense Fund, a notorious anti-womyn, anti-queer, racist organization. The ADF decided to sue Bash Back!, Bash Back! Lansing and individuals because the authorities would not file a single criminal complaint regarding an action at the Mount Hope Church in Lansing last fall. But that’s not all! Those pesky evange-fascists are trying to identify and out up to 20 other people involved with Bash Back! in the hopes that criminal charges will be placed against them. Fourteen people and 1-20 Jesse “John” Does are named on the complaint.
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Alleged Bash Back!ers Being Served With SubpoenaThroughout Midwest Subpoenas

update: initial reports were sketchy, but these are actually civil suits being delivered.

At least 23 people associated with Bash Back! are named in a subpoena that has been served to people in Milwaukee and Lansing. As of right now we believe Feds are trying to serve queermos in Chicago and other Midwestern Cities. Agents have been showing up at the homes of friends and family of Bash Back! members. BB! News is under the impression that this has something to do with the BB! Consulta in Lansing, Michigan last fall. When we know more we will let y'all know.

Remember we are members of a loving, tight nit community. While we have our differences we also have our friend’s backs. Don’t let them scare you. Loose Lips Imprison Queers.

With Love, Solidarity, and Rage,

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Finding Our Roots: Notes on an Impossible Meeting

“Ultra-Platypus is here to embrace the degeneration.”

A few friends met in Chicago this weekend to attend a workshop titled: “The Left is Dead”: “Ultra-Cutronism” and the “Anarcho-Autonomous” Milieu

The intended discussion (”Ultra-Platypus has been trying to figure out what this anarcho-autonomous milieu is”) was not to be had, for the Platypii caught wind of their own flatulence, though for once the stench was too hefty for them as they saw the modified “Ultra” attached and came running. The Platypii showed up in two large groups, one in the back left corner of 6 or 12 people (they all sat close and huddled together, but as more than half the room was immensely boring I wasn’t sure who was simulacra of leftist Platypii or not) and one in the front right corner of 3 others (they came in late). Throwing eye and hand gestures from back corner to front right corner of the room, whispering amongst their small circles, all to try to make the most ideological correct response at the oedipal moment when the name of the father (Platypus or Cutrone) is disgraced.

And disgraced it was, as the presentation, to the chagrin of anyone with a serious intent to revive the corpse of the left, was utterly absurd, hilarious, and a well-performed satire. As the slideshow of riot porn, naked boys, and S&M photos were rolling, the presentation switched from discussing the Tarnac 9, to violent denunciations of the leftists we still are (”We’re meager and pathetic.”), the three point program and strategy (see above), and a general silence and defiance from the presenter who knew to not engage with the Platypii on their own loopy ideological circular dialogue for any reason whatsoever.

Some snippets of words spoken by the presenter: “Demand for total social revolution falls flat…My individual actions do nothing…Our greatest hindrance to experimentation is the left…” and “What to do with your friend networks?…abnormality… Exert power. Be strategic…Build a war-machine…Attack the Left.”

Coining a non-existent splinter group only to see the Platypii show up was partly expected, it was their big day to show how smart they were! Well, to be honest, we actually knew they were coming from the stupid listserv discussions they were having. The Platypii showed up, went on a power trip, made everyone a little too tense, asked for a critique, and were answered by the presenter in a show of eloquence: “No, I do not give a fuck about Platypus."
excerpted from Principia Dialectica


Des Plaines: Workers threaten sit-in at Harmax factory

Hartmarx Corp. garment workers voted on Monday morning to stage a sit-in at a Des Plaines factory if a new owner tries to shut it down.

The plant, where suit jackets are made, halted production for about 15 minutes Monday morning so workers could vote on union leaders' recommendation to be prepared to stage a sit-in to save their jobs, said Ruby Sims, president of Local 39C of Workers United, which is affiliated with the Service Employees International Union.

The workers voted in favor of a sit-in by show of hands, Sims said. During a sit-in, workers refuse to leave the factory.

Workers at Republic Windows and Doors drew national attention to their cause in December when they staged a six-day sit in after their Chicago factory shut down abruptly. The workers won back severance pay and health-care benefits. And when the factory reopened this year under new ownership, some workers returned to their jobs.

Chicago-based Hartmarx filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January and is in talks to be sold. The apparel maker employs about 3,000 unionized workers including 600 at the Des Plaines factory.
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UWM Teaching Assistant Arrested in East Side Vandalism

Police arrested a University of Wisconsin Milwaukee graduate student and teaching assistant on Monday after he turned himself in.

What police want to know: is he part of group of 20-to-30 anarchists intent on committing violence?

The vandalism was extensive and expensive for east side businesses. Windows were smashed late Friday night by an apparent anarchist group wearing black ninja costumes.

They did more than $25,000 in damage at five businesses near Prospect and North.

Alert eyewitnesses saw several people leave in a car that lead police to an east side home.

It's where the UW-Milwaukee teaching assistant lives.

He wasn't interested in talking to us about his arrest. But police searched his home and found black clothing including hats and gloves, a sling shot and some material on anarchism.

Police are now searching his computer.

The suspect's lawyer Robin Shellow said, "They have found nothing that distinguished him from tens of thousands of university and college students across the country."

So far, police have only one suspect but they are looking for as many as 20 or more. Are they students? Where they recruited? Is there an anarchist movement on campus? Those are questions police are trying to answer.

UWM student Nick Adams doesn't think there's an anarchist movement on campus but he says if the allegations are true against the teaching assistant it will another black eye for the campus.

"It doesn't make anyone look good at all," said Adams, "We already have enough problems as it is."

The district attorney is still reviewing the case - charges could come Thursday.
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One-upping the anarchist ATM smashers

Chicago police are searching for a driver who slammed a pickup truck into a South Side convenience store and stole an automated teller machine inside.

Officials say the truck smashed into the store's door and front window early Tuesday. Store owner Chan Park said he doesn't know how much money was inside the ATM that was taken.

The store, a Lucky Mart at 2900 W. 87th St., was closed and no one was hurt. Police say they were notified of the theft when the burglar alarm went off and a witness called. They say the witness followed the truck after it left.

Authorities are also examining footage of the theft filmed by surveillance cameras.
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Ninjas trash Milwaukee businesses

Broken glass littered the sidewalks in the North Avenue area near Prospect and Farwell, as group of suspected anarchists left their mark in that section of Milwaukee's east side.

The vandals are accused of breaking windows late Friday night at a U.S. Bank Building, Whole Foods Market, Bruegger's Bagels, and Qdoba.

Witnesses told police that a group of about 20-30 vandals dressed in black and wearing masks committed the vandalism.

Police are looking into whether the damage was related to a protest earlier in the evening by a group of self-titled "anarchists" in the Riverwest area.

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New Pilsen-area newspaper released at May Day

We will be distributing copies of a new pilsen-area radical newspaper "Paloma Negra" at this year's May Day actions.

Paloma Negra is a radical, independent, anti-profit community newspaper in Pilsen that connects local issues to the global resistance against oppression.

Paloma Negra es un periódico independiente, radical, sin ánimo de lucro y comunitario en Pilsen que conecta temas locales con la resistencia global contra la opresión.

The topic of this special May Day edition is immigrant and labor rights.

Pick up a copy at Lichen Lending Library 1921 S. Blue Island OR you can download a printable PDF copy of the newspaper at www.palomanegra.info/palomanegra-1-mayday.pdf

If you want to help distribute copies, participate in the next issue, or have general comments or questions contact us at info (at) palomanegra.info
from http://www.palomanegra.info