Milwaukee couple steals for fun

A doctor and his wife arrested for shoplifting at a Macy's store near Milwaukee told police they did it for the thrill. The doctor, who told officers he makes more than $150,000 a year, said his wife suggested they take what they wanted. So they took turns serving as a lookout while the other took items -- more than $1,500 worth -- from just about every department in the store, police say.
from the Sentinel Journal


Anonymous said...

rich people stealing for fun is social war?

Criminal Anarchy said...


it's at least as much a practice of social war as rich kids going to demos with the intention of street fighting.

i'm interested in social war as forms that promote the decay of social order and capitalist logic and society. this particular newsbit was exciting because i think it's cool to see a thousand bucks leaving a department store.

there will probably always be a dissonance between form and content; ya, it'd be cooler if this was a tale of youths walking out of macy's jewelery section with a thousand bucks of goods. i'll post that when i find it.

this blog isn't particularly an attempt to promote ideology or develop theory, it's mostly something i do in my spare time to share some neat stories from Chicagoland. it was created while dicking around at work, and any original content that appears doesn't contain much more labor than would be put into a livejournal blog entry.

so, purists should probably check out the links for more articulate and thoroughgoing insurrectionalism.

Anonymous said...

i guess; it sort of seems like you're running the risk of assimilating gangster capitalism (and/or the dead end of illegalism) to the notion of social war, which is just another way of begging the question. what about an executive embezzling from his company, is that social war then? this type of shit is why i stopped reading social rupture a good while back.