Anarchist Olympics: Chicago 2016 mural defaced

Someone defaced a 2016 welcome mural on the Mural Building in the 1700 block of North Ashland Avenue, in an incident that was discovered this morning. Police were called to the building about 7:55 a.m, authorities said.

The damage appeared to have been inflicted with paintballs and workers were already on the scene about an hour later, painting over the splatters.

The former warehouse, which faces the Kennedy Expressway just south of Armitage Avenue, was the site of traffic-stopping ads featuring then-Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman for now-defunct clothing retailer Bigsby & Kruthers.

from the Trib


Anonymous said...

Maybe include this in on your recommended reading?


Criminal Anarchy said...

I haven't read it in a while and I remember it being a decent text; however, I didn't and still don't exactly understand its context (the Italian squat scene in the 70s) so I don't feel like I can recommend it in good conscience when I'm missing out on a lot of its substance.

Every insurrectionist with a web site links to at daggers drawn, and I'm interested in recommending more unconventional or neglected writings.

I'll see about updating the list, though.