New Midwest anarchist zine

Although I disagree with their assertion the Midwest is a dead-zone of radical activity, a neat little zine has come out called Words & Letters. It seems to be based more toward the Great Plains areas and is a welcome addition to the developing activity in the Midwest.

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Anonymous said...

Many of the questions raised in At Daggers Drawn are rooted in a particular context (Post 70s squat and anarchist scene). It's hard to grasp all of it unless you can understand that culture: the pressures towards armed struggle or, conversely, towards passive squatting.

On the other hand, I suggested it because it does raise many other, more basic points: on informality, decentralization, and most importantly, personal projectuality. It's important to develop shared languages, and an accessible but demanding engagement with concepts that are also wrangled with by other comrades.

I appreciate you digging up more diverse texts, but it's also important to hit the basics. After all, part of the point of these geographically-specific blogs are to make this discourse filter into our wider physically-immediate communities, and not just let these ideass circulate among all the continental insurrectional message boards, right?

All that said, I think your points are fair, and it's not like your blog will lose points if you stick to stranger things. This is a good project.

Here are a few other suggestions, though: