Alleged Bash Back!ers Being Served With SubpoenaThroughout Midwest Subpoenas

update: initial reports were sketchy, but these are actually civil suits being delivered.

At least 23 people associated with Bash Back! are named in a subpoena that has been served to people in Milwaukee and Lansing. As of right now we believe Feds are trying to serve queermos in Chicago and other Midwestern Cities. Agents have been showing up at the homes of friends and family of Bash Back! members. BB! News is under the impression that this has something to do with the BB! Consulta in Lansing, Michigan last fall. When we know more we will let y'all know.

Remember we are members of a loving, tight nit community. While we have our differences we also have our friend’s backs. Don’t let them scare you. Loose Lips Imprison Queers.

With Love, Solidarity, and Rage,

from Bash Back! News

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