A Chicago Really Really Free Market

BashBack, a queer & feminist anarchist group, is hosting a 'Free Market at the end of the month. Some laud the concept as an example of how an anarchist "gift economy" might work; I have mixed feelings about the degree to which a 'Free Market is a worthwhile long-term project or an anarchist model for the future.

Nevertheless, a 'Free Market can be a good place to score some free stuff and spend a pleasant afternoon. 'Free Markets have seemed to follow a similar path as Food Not Bombs as a place for anarchists to meet up and share with one another and extend that to others.

Having lost Kirsten Brydum Bash Back wants to start a long over-due Really Really Free Market.

We recently lost an amazing activist. Close friends report that the body of San Francisco activist Kirsten Brydum was found Saturday in New Orleans, where Kirsten had traveled as part of a popular education tour. Kirsten was known locally as an organizer of the Really Really Free Market in Dolores Park, a monthly gathering to freely exchange goods and services with no money, trade or barter.

In memoriam Bash Back would like to put on a Chicago Real Really Free market!

October 26 from noon to 5pm
The triangle in between Ashland Milwaukee and Division

What is a really really free market?
It’s a market where everything is in fact free. But it’s more then that. Everything can be traded and bartered for, or just given. It’s also teaching people skills so they can care perform services for themselves in the future.

What can you do?
Sign up for a table! Is there a good or service you and folks in your community can offer for free? Then email bashbackchi (at) riseup.net and tell us what you can provide.

Things we’d like to see:
Bike maintenance and repair workshops
Haircuts and lessons
Silkscreen workshops
Massages and lessons
Theater workshops
Anything! Everything!

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