Thoughts on Purpose

The Chicago radical milieu offers little space for anarchists; our city is home to the headquarters of a number of ancient Left-wing and socialist organizations determined to survive by devouring the energy and creativity the young and the angry and opportunistically exploiting the struggles of the oppressed towards consolidating their own power.

Anarchists are intelligent, curious, numerous and quite capable of defining our own strategy for moving forward. Instead, we find ourselves wrapped up in vague anti-capitalist projects tolerant of Leftist discourse and caught in a web of activist coalition building, rather than building authentic, autonomous class power independent of the usual sign-holder circus.

Some of us see potential in stoking latent subversive tendencies and encouraging their spread, as well as inventing new methods of revolt and experimenting with their use. This blog hopes to see the spread of discussions of anarchist "trajectory," strategic anarchist intervention into struggles with the potential for rebellion and a conscious moving forward and use of our power in the most desirable way possible.

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