Traders! Leap from your windows! Bankers! Hang yourselves!

Listen up, you bourgeois fucks!

We are entering a period only read about in economics and history text books. There will be no return to normalcy, government attempts be damned. Your delusions of endlessly rising value have shattered, along with our faith in your system to provide for our needs, leaving us desperate and angry, bored out of our minds and hopeless enough to act out in ways that until now we’ve only been able to dream.

The pulsing greed that rushed through your veins made you feel alive – you knew everything you were doing was disgusting but found yourselves shielded by bureaucracy and law and violence.

Although you’ve worked for years amassing wealth from those jobs you secretly despise, believing yourselves far above the heard of humanity, you’ve wasted your lives. Everything you’ve worked for is disappearing, and you soon will realize you have only amounted to nothing.

You say, “The market will correct itself,” but when and with what consequences? In a society that rejects and destroys anything it deems worthless, ask yourself:

how will your empty life be ruined to make possible someone else’s profit?

As long as you’re still breathing there’s hope you can escape this mess and redeem yourselves in the eyes of your children. Quit your worthless job and learn something useful. Declare war on this society and vow to destroy it as you have destroyed the livelihoods of so many. Create a future worth living in beyond a world of money and death. The sooner you begin the better the chance you’ll be forgiven.

Or else do us a favor: open your office window and jump. Slit your wrist in the shower. Hang yourself in the garage. Let go the wheel on the freeway. Take a fistful of pills with a cocktail. Botch a desperate bank robbery. Step in front of a train.

It’s the only way you’ll escape the madness that is about to come –

economic collapse, empty wallets, insecurity, fear,
and the realization of your own pathetic existence…

and our terrible vengeance against all of you
who have managed and fucked with us far too long.

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